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Introduction - About (HPE) Research



Health Professions Education Research

Our focus in health professions education (HPE) research is on teaching and learning in health professions programmes
including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing.

Research findings will contribute to better understanding of issues related to learning and teaching and the learning environment.
Many of these have been presented in international conferences and published educational journals.

Focus areas in IMU HPE research includes:

Learning : Inter-professional learning,  Total experience (learning styles)
CCCS (Constructive, Contextual, Collaborative and Self Directed Learning): Learning and teaching activities that perpetuate
these principles
Traditional and new functions: E-learning and Workplace Learning.
Assessments: portfolios, skills - based, personal professional development
Teaching excellence and scholarship: Innovative training programmes, learner- centred teaching scholarship
The “Less emphasised HPE research in literature”: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Dietetics and Nutrition

We would like to invite health professionals interested in these areas to collaborate through research. Please contact
Professor Vishna Devi via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it