Innovation Grant

IMU Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant

IMU wants to be a centre of excellence in learning and teaching. These innovations may be in the area of delivery, content, curriculum, management and assessment of education. The goal of the Grant is to reward and recognise innovation in teaching and learning. The burden will be on the applicants to demonstrate the link with teaching and learning and

its applicability in the local setting.

Some of the areas that are eligible for the grant is as followings:

  • improvement in classroom delivery
  • innovation in teaching, learning and assessment to meet stated objectives
  • implementation of new pedagogies
  • implementation of new technologies to achieve learning outcomes
  • development of novel teaching approaches and materials to support students with diverse needs
  • assessment activities
  • implementation of teaching and learning in out-of-class experiences
  • development of portfolio-of-learning
  • programme/curriculum evaluation

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Procedure Flow Chart