Evaluation is conducted to provide evidence of the perception of students learning experience in the university. Survey items are designed to capture the feedback of students and results are triangulated with focus group interviews whenever necessary.

Students’ feedback on their perception of the learning environment, the module and the faculty are analysed for evidence based improvement.


Evaluation Process Flow

Evaluation process flow has gone through progressive improvements at different stages since its inception. The effort has been consistently focusing on efficiency and effectiveness of the process that includes conforming to stipulated time line and documenting details of evaluation.This year has seen measures to upgrade the process in contributing to better teaching and learning environment. Among the measures taken are:


Producing modules, REEM and I-Barometer trend analysis for different programmes  to be presented at Professional Education Advisory Committee (PEAC) annual meetings;


Establishing focus group approach with postgraduate programmes as a start due to small number of students;


Refining the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Evaluation Process Flow to ensure the consistency with current practice


Reducing the number of evaluation items


I – Barometer 2015 is scheduled to be in October. Publicities measures such as live feed on e-Learning portal, email communication with schools, poster and briefing to faculty members and students are currently in progress.